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Are your trees not looking very healthy at the moment? Then perhaps you have considered DIY tree care. Many homeowners fail to understand that tree trimming and tree pruning requires precise techniques and specific tools. Sure, it might be convenient to add trimming and pruning to your list of Saturday chores. That said, one mistake could lead to significant damage or even the death of your tree. We recommend leaving tree care to the professionals. Since 1989, residents in Braidwood and throughout Chicago have relied on us to perform quality work at an affordable price. Let’s look at some of the services we have to offer:

  • Tree removal – Do you notice natural splitting or cracking at critical parts of the tree? Was your tree recently the victim of disease or a bug infestation? In either case, removal might be the only option. At Pro Tree Service, we are proud to offer full-service tree removals. You can count on our team to safely remove all branches, logs, and significant debris. For your convenience, tree stump removal is included in our estimates.
  • Tree trimming – Do you trim and prune your trees regularly? It’s important to know that the constant removal of limbs and branches can shorten some trees’ lives. Granted, there are instances where trimming and pruning are appropriate. Are your trees growing too close to nearby properties or public-use spaces? Pro Tree Service has you covered.
  • Commercial tree care – Through the years, we have worked with local municipalities to produce safe, beautiful public spaces. Pro Tree Service is Braidwood’s choice for land and lot clearing service as well.

Don’t settle for any local tree care company. Instead, leave your project in the hands of our licensed, insured, and bonded team. Request an estimate today.

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