What to Know About Claiming Tree Removal on Taxes

October 30, 2017

If you have a diseased and/or dead tree on your property, chances are that you’re looking to have it removed in the near future. The reality, though, is that homeowners hold off on tree removal because of the high cost it often carries. If only there was a way you could be financially rewarded for making such an improvement to your property. Well, in some cases, tree removal may qualify as tax-deductible. With tax season just around the corner, doesn’t a little extra green from Uncle Sam sound appealing? Keep reading to learn more about claiming tree removal on taxes.

Let’s first try to clarify the gray area before going on any further. When you need to trim a tree because some of the branches are too long (esthetic purposes), this is not considered tax deductible because it’s counted as an improvement. On the other hand, when you need to remove the tree because it’s hazardous to others, it falls into the category of repairs and maintenance. In turn, the government labels this instance a tax-deductible chore. So what exactly makes tree removal deductible? Here are some situations to take into account:

  1. If a tree is diseased, keep in mind that it has the potential to fall on someone’s property. Just know that the disease must be new and can only have occurred since you took ownership of the property.  So don’t expect a kickback in April if you remove a tree that had disease long before you moved in.
  2. If a tree itself is causing property damage, tree removal is considered tax deductible. The best example of this is a tree’s roots interfering with the plumbing. Similar to the previous point, such damage couldn’t have been apparent to you when you bought the property.
  3. There are few chores that get put off more than cleaning the gutters. You may have thought once or twice, “I’d rather just have the tree cut down than deal with all these leaves.” Be aware that, as long as the tree is healthy, the removal is not tax deductible because it’s not doing damage to the property.

There’s one last thing you should know about claiming a tax deduction for tree removal: You can’t perform the work yourself. Since the IRS doesn’t allow personal labor to be claimed, it’s required to hire a professional tree service.


At Pro Tree Service in Chicago, we realize that removing trees, bushes, shrubs, and stumps is a physically demanding task that carries the risk of damage to a person, property, or both. Our tree care professionals handle jobs of all sizes on a daily basis. Maybe you just need us to come out and remove a few small shrubs or bushes. It could also be that you need a tree company to remove large trees surrounded by hazards such as power lines, neighboring houses, or poisonous wildlife. You can feel comfortable knowing that we will handle either case with the utmost professionalism and provide the highest quality of service. Not only that, but Pro Tree strives to provide customers the best solutions at the most affordable cost through our Best Price Guarantee. Unlike other tree removal services, we guarantee that we will match or beat any reasonable, written estimate by 10 percent.

Choosing Pro Tree over local competitors is a no-brainer. We are:

  • Experienced – We’ve called Chicago home for nearly three decades, so it’s safe to say that we’re committed to helping our neighbors. Communication is key with our team and we make sure customers understand all of the relevant risks and costs. This empowers them to make the best decision possible.
  • Reliable – Few local tree care services are open year-round. We are proud to offer 24-hour emergency response service, allowing you to receive service in a timely manner.  
  • Fully licensed, insured and bonded – Our tree care experts are legally incorporated and carry commercial general liability, workman’s comp, and all required municipal licenses/bonds.

While it sounds great to claim tree removal on your taxes this year, please don’t let it be the only reason for having it done. Remember that dead, damaged, or diseased trees can decrease your property value and cost you even more money down the road. Eliminate the stress now and contact Pro Tree Service today.

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