Stump Removal Service in Chicago

How Do You Know When to Call a Professional? 

You should always consider having all stumps removed at the time of your tree removal. This saves time, money, and future potential headaches. Customers can contact Pro Tree Service regarding our stump removal service for the following reasons:

  • Stumps are unsightly or present a hazard to the property (i.e. maintaining lawns, injury risk, etc.)
  • Stumps occupy space that could be repurposed for a newer project.
  • Stumps may develop fungi that attract insects.
  • Stumps may develop disease that can spread to other healthy trees/bushes.

Pro Tree Service Stump Removal Process

Fortunately for our customers, our stump removal process is very standardized. The following procedures are performed on every job:

Stumps are ground 8-12″ below grade using a specialized grinding machine. This machine pulverizes the entire stump and its roots in a matter of minutes. This process also creates a hole that is backfilled with the stump’s residual mulch/grindings. Residual stump grindings are left behind on every job, unless explicitly and mutually agreed-upon to be removed beforehand. There is a separate charge for removing the residual stump grindings, so it is highly recommended that customers consider this decision before contracting any services.

On every tree/bush stump removal job, there are always hidden/unknown roots outside the capacity of the grinding machine. It is worth noting these roots are dead and do not pose any risks whatsoever to the homeowner.

Why Choose Pro Tree Service for Tree Stump Removal

When our clients need a stump grinding project completed without issue, they rely on Pro Tree Service for professional work at the best rates. If you’re shopping around wondering about the stump removal costs, keep our Best Price Guarantee in mind. While the quality of our work is unmatched, we will match or beat any reasonable written estimate by 10%.

Our skilled and dedicated teams have decades of experience. We understand what is needed on each job, and we utilize the best equipment/methods in the market to ensure the job is completed as prescribed. From the initial estimate to the finished service, you won’t find a company that delivers a bigger bang for your buck than Pro Tree Service!

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