How Tree Roots Can Damage Your Home

August 28, 2019

We’ve already discussed the top benefits of trees in your yard and neighborhood in a previous post. However, as important as they are to the environment, trees can cause major damage. More specifically, tree roots are capable of doing quite a number on your foundation, plumbing systems, and landscape.  

Keep reading as we dive deeper into these areas.

How tree roots can damage a foundation

It’s possible for tree roots to cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home’s foundation. How exactly? Well, as the roots move through the ground in search of water and nutrients, they displace the soil around them. Though it’s technically impossible for tree roots to cause foundational damage on their own, they can compromise the soil the property sits on as well as its supporting structure.

Things become more complicated with an older house. What we mean by this is that older, deteriorated building materials can rise or settle as the displaced soil moves. So if you begin to notice cracks in your foundation, there’s a good chance that tree roots are the culprit.

How tree roots can damage a plumbing system

Tree roots are naturally attracted to a plumbing system because they know it’s a water source. In fact, the root systems of invasive species such as willows, maples, and aspens are seemingly endless in order to access water. As explained in an article from SF Gate, standard drainage-field pipes are perforated to allow wastewater to move from the structure’s interior plumbing to the ground.

Tree roots have no problem growing into these holes if it means having a water source. Homeowners face a serious dilemma, though, when the roots completely block pipes to the point that they are no longer functional. Tree roots can also wreak havoc on old clay pipes whose joints are no longer structurally sound.

How tree roots can damage your landscape 

Not only can tree roots damage your foundation or plumbing systems, but they can also ruin the most beautiful landscape. Here’s the thing: as a tree matures, its roots become visible through the soil’s surface. If you have trees that are close together, they may be forced to occasionally compete for limited nutrients and water. In a domino effect, your gardening ability becomes limited due to intertwined roots developing just below the surface.

This isn’t the only landscape issue you’ll need to be concerned about, though. For example, if you don’t put down a thick enough area of asphalt near trees, it may buckle, bulge, and crack. It’s also worth mentioning that walkways and other paved areas of your yard may buckle in response to the soil movement the roots cause. 


Not every Chicago homeowner will have an issue with their tree roots. That said, it’s important to have a plan in place should it ever happen. This is where the team at Pro Tree Service comes into play.

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