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Your landscaping is the first thing visitors, customers and employees see when they arrive at your building. Healthy, well-trimmed trees and bushes make a great first impression, contributing to the positive perception you want to project. And shaded grounds allow workers and guests to enjoy a picnic or stroll during their breaks. The experienced, skilled team at Pro Tree Service wants to help you keep your trees and shrubs safe, healthy and looking their best.

Our Professional Commercial Tree Care Services

Tree and Bush Removal. Our commercial tree removal service involves cutting down one or more trees and/or bushes. If you notice dead or dying trees, damaged limbs after a storm, or a tree that is interfering with utility lines, a scenic view or the growth of other trees and plants, then get in touch. We have the experience and the equipment to do the job right.

Stump Removal. Commercial stump grinding and stump removal services are available from Pro Tree Service. This is not a DIY job; only professionals with the know-how and the right equipment will perform this task properly and safely. If you wish to have us remove your stumps after tree or bush cutting, please let us know, and we will do it during the same visit.  

Trimming Services. Commercial trimming is among our specialties. We understand how to keep various tree and bush species growing healthily and looking great. Regular trimming helps prevent tree branches from becoming dangerous while prohibiting unhealthy and unsightly overgrowth. It also stimulates the growth of flowers, foliage and fruit.  

Land and Lot Clearing. Are you planning new construction? Before building, the lot must be cleared. Removing trees, foliage and other obstructions from a sizable area in a reasonable amount of time requires experienced personnel and specialized equipment. Pro Tree Service is fully licensed, insured and bonded, and prepared to clear and/or prepare your site.

Why Business Owners Choose Pro Tree Service

For more than three decades, Pro Tree Service has helped commercial property owners and managers take care of the trees and bushes surrounding their buildings. We are trusted by large and small businesses throughout Chicagoland for our skill, dependability and affordability.

When you weigh the costs of DIY commercial tree removal and maintenance vs. hiring a professional firm, the professionals win every time! Not only is tree care potentially dangerous, but a mistake may damage your trees as well as your reputation. A landscape filled with unsightly, misshapen trees makes a negative impression on customers, suppliers and visitors. And do you want to assume the liability for accidents due to stumps and falling limbs?

The Pro Tree Service team is ready to do the hard work of tree care and do it properly, on time and within budget. Leave the job to us! Contact our team today to request your free estimate.

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