Four Signs You Call a Professional for Tree and Bush Removal

March 22, 2023

Having trees and bushes on your property can create a beautiful outdoor landscape, but if they're not taken care of properly, they can also become a danger and a nuisance. If you're noticing any of the following four signs, it's time to call a professional, such as Pro Tree Service, for tree and bush removal in Chicago. 

1. Signs of Decay

One of the most obvious signs that your trees and bushes need to be removed is when you start to notice signs of decay, such as discolored leaves or branches that are visibly dying. If you're noticing any of these signs, it's important to get an expert opinion to determine if the tree can still be saved or if it needs to be removed.

2. Overgrown Branches

If the branches of your trees and bushes are growing so large that they're blocking the view of your home or getting in the way of regular activities, it's time to call in a professional. An experienced tree care service in Chicago can trim the branches and remove any dead or dying ones, making sure that your trees and bushes are healthy and manageable. If your tree is beyond repair, they can always remove it from your property instead.

3. The Tree or Bush is Unstable

Does your tree or bush look unstable or like it is leaning in an unsafe direction? No tree is worth the liability that you, as the property owner, could incur should the tree fall and harm a guest or passerby. If you see a tree that looks like it is in serious trouble, call a local tree removal company before Chicago’s notorious wind finishes the job.

4. The Tree or Bush is Too Close to Structures

You should never feel threatened by a tree or bush on your property. If the tree or bush is too close to your home or other structures, it can be dangerous to try to remove it yourself. A licensed and insured tree care service can assess the situation and determine the safest way to remove the tree or bush without damaging any structures.

If you're noticing any of the above signs, get in touch with Pro Tree Service to request a free estimate for tree removal in Chicago! Our team would be happy to provide you with any guidance you need to make the best decision for your property.

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