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Trees provide us with the essential service of helping us breathe clean air. But the trees in your neighborhood or in your yard also need a little help from us to keep them looking their best. At Pro Tree Service, we have been providing the Schaumburg area with professional tree services, ensuring that the trees in your yard and community are healthy, sturdy, and safe. We offer regular tree trimming, tree removal, lot clearing, and much more.

  • Tree Removal - If a tree in your yard has sustained severe damage and is posing a threat to your home or property, or if the tree has died, Pro Tree Service can safely remove it from your yard, including the stump. We have the appropriate tools and experience to do this safely and efficiently. Tree removal can be a dangerous job, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.
  • Trimming and Pruning - In a forest, away from communities or backyards, a tree can grow however it needs to in order to survive and thrive. However, in a backyard or along a street, trees that aren’t properly trimmed can grow to become hazardous. Heavy Chicago snowfall or harsh winds can cause a limb to crack or fall, potentially causing significant damage. Pro Tree Service can provide regular trimming to keep the overall structure of the tree safe and sturdy.

    Our team also provides regular shrub and bush trimming, keeping your landscape looking as fresh and tidy as possible. We understand that maintaining greenery in your yard can take time and patience, but you can trust that Pro Tree Service will enhance your curb appeal with hedges that look amazing year-round.
  • Lot Clearing - For residential or commercial purposes, Pro Tree Service offers land and lot clearing. With decades of experience, we understand what it takes to complete this task efficiently and safely. Our technicians will also remove any debris from the property, leaving you with a clear space.

Since 1989, Pro Tree Service has been providing Schaumburg and the surrounding suburbs with exceptional tree care. For projects large and small, you can trust that we’ll do it right. Call today to schedule a free estimate.

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