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Tree and bush removal is critical to landscape maintenance. It can improve a property's aesthetics and promote its inhabitants' health and safety. Removing overgrown trees and bushes can prevent issues such as disease, infestations, uprooting, and structural damage to nearby buildings. Furthermore, it can eliminate hiding places for unwelcome pests and protect gardens from becoming havens for weeds. 

Tree and bush removal can also open up new opportunities for landscape use, such as creating space for outdoor entertaining or leisure activities. Finally, trimming back tree branches or removing dangerously-positioned trees is an essential step toward reducing risks related to storms and other natural disasters. Considering all of this, it is easy to see why tree removal is necessary for landscape maintenance. It can help protect the environment and those who enjoy it while also making the property look its best. That is where the professionals at Pro Tree Service come in to support you. 

At Pro Tree Service, we take pride in offering superb and honest landscaping services for your home or business. Our experts know how to remove unwanted trees or bushes in the safest way possible.  Contact our tree removal company today. 



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Pro Tree Service has experience in tree and bush removal. We specialize in tree and bush removal services for residential and commercial clients. We have the proper tools and equipment for any job and possess the expertise and knowledge to ensure your property remains safe and healthy. 

Our professionals can assess your landscape's needs and determine which tree or bush removal method will best serve your needs. Additionally, we can advise you on how to properly maintain any trees or bushes that remain on your property and help you prevent the need for future removals. 

By reaching out to our experienced professional for tree or bush removal, you can ensure that your landscape remains in its best condition for years to come. Your investment in professional care will be well worth the peace of mind of knowing that your property is safe and healthy. 


Affordable and Efficient Tree And Bush Removal Services 

When it comes to tree removal services, Pro Tree Service offers an affordable solution for your home or business. Our dedicated team has years of experience providing quality service at competitive prices. We understand that tree removal can be expensive, and we strive to make sure our customers get the best value for their money.

Additionally, we understand how important it is to remove trees and bushes without damaging the surrounding area, which is why we always take great care to ensure that we do our jobs safely and professionally. Our team takes a thorough approach when removing trees and bushes, using careful pruning, cutting tree sections with chainsaws and cranes, or even uprooting the entire root system.


Let Our Experienced Professionals Transform Your Garden

Being a homeowner or business owner has its responsibilities. One of them is keeping your trees and bushes well-maintained. When you don't do maintenance, you may face several problems. Branches that hang too low can cause damage to roofs, gutters, and windows when strong winds arise. Dead branches or those that are weak can also pose a safety hazard, as they may fall on people or property. Unmaintained bushes can also become overgrown quickly and potentially interfere with pathways or even pose a fire risk.  To prevent these issues from arising, it is important to regularly inspect trees and shrubs for signs of damage and prune them as necessary. Doing so will help maintain a safe, healthy living environment and avoid costly repairs in the future. 

Feel confident that you have a team of experts at Pro Tree Service ready to support your landscaping needs. In three easy steps, you are on your way to a beautifully clean and hazard-free property. Just call us, or fill out a contact form and get an estimate today. 

At Pro Tree Service, we offer reliable tree maintenance services such as tree and bush removal, tree stump removal, trimming and pruning, and land and lot clearing. We are an experienced, affordable, reliable, and fully licensed and insured business offering tree removal in Matteson, IL. We are here to support you. 


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