Will the City Pay for Tree Removal?

July 27, 2018

Homeowners rarely want to think about tree removal. Not only is the cost significant, but you consider your tree a focal point in the yard. Unfortunately, though, things happen to trees, whether they fall victim to a lightning strike or some sort of disease.

Now for the million dollar question: will the city pay for tree removal? Keep reading for the answer and additional information surrounding tree removal regulations.

Such regulations vary by state. Consider Birmingham, Alabama for a moment, where there are no rules associated with the removal of trees on private property. It’s a different story in Sacramento, California, where the city government only requires a permit for tree removal on private property if the tree has been deemed a “heritage tree.”

Now that you have a general idea of regulations in other states, let’s focus on Illinois. Chicago residents must first get a tree work permit from the Bureau of Forestry before embarking on the removal project. If you fail to obtain this permit, then you are not authorized to remove trees on your private property.

Maybe you’re wondering, “Why does the city require this permit in the first place?” Well, the bureau issues it in conjunction with a liability insurance certificate in case the removal causes damage to the surrounding area outside private property lines.

The process is a little different if you intend to cut down an infected ash tree. Basically, the State of Illinois Department of Agriculture will want an additional compliance agreement settled on top of other documentation. This information is required in large part due to the introduction of the emerald ash borer in Illinois.

One more thing to keep in mind here is that there will be additional work for a property owner wanting to cut down a tree in an Asian Long-Horned Beetle quarantine.

Will the city pay for tree removal?

The short answer is no. Let’s consider the following example. You decided to plant a tall tree dangerously close to a power line.

You can bet the utility company or city will come by to either trim the tree to proper specifications or just remove it completely. Otherwise, it’s your responsibility to handle tree care.


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