Tree Care Winter Checklist from Pro Tree

February 27, 2017

It may not seem like it, but winter can be a critical time of year to ensure the health of your trees. With several more months of snow and cold for the area, it’s important that your winterize your trees. It’s a critical task for Chicago homeowners due to the extreme wintry conditions and potentially hazardous snow and frigid temperatures.

  • Consider pruning now – Last month, the Farmer’s Almanac predicted that the Chicago area would be in for a snowier winter than normal. Experts pointed to February as the month to look for in particular. The looming storms could wreak havoc for homeowners that have trees with dead, diseased or unsafe branches. Pro Tree Service can handle all your tree pruning needs, regardless of the time it may take.
  • Take advantage of the dormant season – Just because your trees stop growing in the winter months doesn’t mean that all tree care should be put off until spring. For example, dormant tree pruning leaves less of an impact on your tree this time of year.
  • Avoid shaking those branches – Let’s say that several days after a huge snowstorm, you notice that some of your trees are bending or drooping. Is it the right move to shake those branches and free them from all the snow and ice? Unless the snow is light and fluffy, we recommend you avoid this, as branches covered in heavy, wet snow can become brittle. Therefore, shaking them can cause damage or breakage. Not to mention, suddenly knocking ice or snow off may cause branches to snap back, which can have a negative impact on the tree’s circulatory system. The professionals at Pro Tree instead recommend that homeowners prune the damaged area once the weather allows.
  • Think about stump removal/grinding – Have you ever thought about removing your tree stump, whether the reasoning is for cosmetic or safety purposes? Well, tree stump removal can also increase property value and eliminate a location for pests and insects to call home. Our team at Pro Tree also performs stump grinding should you want an alternative to stump removal. Stump grinding is often the choice of homeowners who wish to keep the grindings from the ground-out stump as mulch for flower beds and other potential yard projects.
  • Is removal of your tree the most realistic option – We might be in the dog days of winter, but that doesn’t you can’t be thinking about spring already. If pruning or trimming can’t help your tree that is dealing with a particular disease, the best thing to do may be to have your tree removed. Leave tree removal to the experts at Pro Tree.

We encourage homeowners to be proactive about their tree care this winter. Be on the lookout for our spring tree care checklist and contact us today for your free estimate.

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