Top Tree Trimming Tips for Homeowners

April 10, 2017

Tree trimming and pruning can be a laborious household chore, but also an important one. You want your trees to look great and not allow the branches to get out of hand. However, tree trimming and tree pruning require absolute precision.

As you’ll see on our tree trimming and pruning page, the cost of obtaining the smaller tools required to perform these tasks can turn into a nightmare simply because homeowners don’t need to trim and prune regularly.

The purpose of this post is to hopefully educate and clear up any uncertainty you may have regarding tree trimming and pruning.


  • There are branches which are significantly dead, damaged, or diseased.
  • The branches are beginning to be a safety concern. For example, is your overgrown tree too close to nearby properties or public spaces? In particular, are they coming close to utility lanes or roadways?
  • Your tree could use some pruning or trimming for cosmetic reasons.


If your tree falls under any of the categories listed above, it’s advised that you take these next steps.

  • When in doubt, ask the professionals at Pro Tree Service. Our team uses the necessary tools as well as cutting techniques and pruning methods to ensure the safety and long-term health of your tree.
  • Avoid tackling the project on your own if it looks like a significant amount of work needs to be done. Many homeowners don’t realize that poor pruning can cause permanent damage to the tree.
  • Were your trees the victims of a bad storm? If so, it’s a good idea to assess your trees to see if pruning or trimming would be beneficial.


  • Don’t prune just for the sake of pruning. We advise against recurring tree trimming, as the constant removal of limbs and branches can severely shorten the life of certain trees. If you’ve been trimming or pruning your trees as part of your yard maintenance routine, now would be a good time to give your trees a break.
  • Don’t prune a newly planted tree for the first year, unless you are removing dead or broken branches. This goes back to the previous point in that continual removal of limbs and branches can hamper a tree’s lifespan.
  • Be smart and stay safe. There are several items that fall into this tip. For one, we recommend that you leave it to the experts if you have to prune within 10 feet of a utility conductor. Secondly, if the pruning/trimming job you’re hoping to get done would require a chainsaw and getting up on a ladder, the safest bet is to leave it to the professionals. Lastly, we advise that you leave the climbing spikes in your garage. Again, if your project involves a good deal of climbing to a potentially unsafe height, it’s best to put it in the hands of the experts.

Pro Tree Service is your go-to when it comes to affordable, professional, and reliable work. Our tree company is fully licensed, insured, and bonded to perform all tree trimming and pruning services. We’re proud to have served Chicago and surrounding suburbs for nearly three decades. If tree trimming is on your to-do list in 2017, contact us today for a free estimate.

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