The Health Benefits of Trees

November 5, 2018

What does a well-rounded diet, regular exercise, and trees all have in common? Well, the fact is that each helps us feel our best. As you can see from US News, “Planting more trees beautifies urban neighborhoods while helping residents feel better.”

Let’s check out some of the health benefits of trees:

Trees reduce the risk of heat stroke

Heat waves in Chicago are anything but fun. If you’re like us, you’ll do just about anything during the summer to beat the scorching temperatures. But did you know that trees in the U.S. play a vital role in keeping temperatures down?

In the same US News article, Rob McDonald of the Nature Conservatory explains that the average reduction is several degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. So a tree’s cooling ability could be the difference between someone staying healthy when it’s hot or getting heat stroke. Come summertime, do what you can to stay under a tree’s canopy while outside for an extended period of time.

Trees help with stress and depression

It’s proven that green spaces typically boost physical activity and social connection while simultaneously lessening depression. There’s also the inherent stress reduction effects of Mother Nature in general. Basically, the more greenery and vegetation we have, the more positive our bodies respond.

Tree loss hurts health  

The effect of environmental changes on public health is interesting. Consider the following example that involves the deadly Emerald Ash Borer. Over the course of 17 years across a 15-state area, more than 15,000 additional deaths from cardiovascular conditions occurred.

It’s also worth mentioning that the study found more than 6,000 other deaths related to lower respiratory disease. Interestingly, wealthier counties showed the most serious health consequences from the EAB infestations.

Trees reduce the effects of asthma

It’s no wonder nitrogen dioxide is considered one of the leading air pollutants identified by the Environmental Protection Agency. With that in mind, Portland State University recently conducted a study that looked at nitrogen dioxide levels and residents’ respiratory health by area. The results were fascinating.

First, keep in mind that children in higher-tree areas were estimated to have avoided missing more than 7,000 school days a year because of asthma attacks. In addition, emergency room visits due to the condition were reduced annually by about 50 visits among everyone. So yes, trees can be a respiratory system’s best friend.

Trees support better sleep

Have you ever been curious about the ideal natural sleep environment? For example, do people sleep better near bodies of water or with a certain exterior temperature? This is what researchers looked at in an extensive national study that included more than 250,000 adults.

They concluded that green space (trees, bushes, other plants, etc.) helped protect men of all ages and older adults from insufficient sleep.


You would do everything within reason to keep your tree healthy and thriving. Where many homeowners make a mistake, though, is taking tree care into their own hands. The fact is that both tree trimming and tree pruning require the utmost precision.

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