Spring Tree Care Checklist from Pro Tree

May 8, 2017

After a rough winter, warmer weather is on the way. You may be focused on getting your lawn or garden prepped for the season, but what about your trees? This blog post will help guide you through your checklist when it comes to tree care in the spring.

  1. Thoroughly inspect your branches – Start out looking for consistent leafing and flowering on the branches of your trees in the early part of spring. Be on the lookout for any areas that seems sparse.
  2. Look for yellowing leaves – If you notice that some of the shrub leaves are yellowing, it could be a sign of excess water from winter storms. This indicates poor soil drainage and too much moisture. Not surprisingly, healthy leaves are a vibrant green.
  3. Clear out dead branches – Broken and/or dead branches often result from snow and ice. Many times, these branches can present a safety risk. It’s also good a idea to consult a certified arborist to check the structural integrity of the tree. Plus, you want your tree to be able to withstand the drenching of spring showers.
  4. Watch for signs of decay – If you spot any sort of wounds or cankers on the trunk, they may be diseases. Fungi can weaken wood tissue, which often result in cracks, seams, and other internal wounds. Keep in mind that while healthy trees can bend along with wind and inclement weather, decayed wood can crack and break.
  5. Don’t forget about the roots – Tree roots are a key indicator of its health. Thin crowns, off-colored leaves, stunted growth, discolored wood, or fungi growing near the base of the tree can be traced back to damaged roots. That’s why it’s important to contact a tree care expert.


From routine tree trimming to stump removal, Pro Tree provides elite tree service to those in Chicago, Burbank, and surrounding areas. We strongly encourage customers to follow the below checklist procedures to ensure that your tree company has the necessary coverage when performing service:

  • Certificate of Insurance – All tree companies are required by law to carry insurance. Pro Tree Service will provide these upon request, within 24-48 business hours of notice. We carry general liability, auto/equipment, and worker’s compensation policies with an aggregate coverage limit of $4 million.
  • We advise that homeowners understand the contractor/bond requirements for their area. Most municipalities require that a tree company be an approved contractor, while others require a bond specifically for municipal bids/jobs. Please note that one common mistake our residential customers make is believing that all municipal bonds cover residential contracts (which is not always true). Regardless of bond requirements/coverage limits, Pro Tree Service carries sufficient insurance coverage if there is any catastrophe.
  • Equipment – Our tree care experts have been performing a full range of services for nearly three decades. As such, we have some of the most experienced and efficient teams and reliable pieces of equipment in the area.
  • Affordability – We are proud to offer a Best Price Guarantee, which means we will match or beat any competitor’s reasonable, written estimate by at least 10 percent. We advise our customers to price-shop our quotes for the best value possible.

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