New Year’s Resolutions For Tree Owners

December 25, 2018

The new year is often associated with change and self-improvement. Maybe you’ve already decided that 2019 will be all about eating healthier and spending more time with family. On the other hand, perhaps your resolutions are money-based (saving up for a new house, preparing for retirement, etc.).

While these are all great New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget about home improvement and landscaping projects. Speaking of landscaping, let’s zero in on trees for the remainder of this post. Here are five unique New Year’s resolutions for tree owners in 2019:

See which trees are worth planting in the future

According to a recent study led by Dr. Andrew Bell, the majority of trees common to Chicago’s urban forests will adapt to a steadily warming climate through 2050. This is good news for homeowners wanting to plant a tree in the not-too-distant future. Elm, crabapple, linden, sycamore, oak, redwood, and maple all appear on the Adaptive Planting List.

Obviously, the last thing you want to do is randomly select just any tree and hope it thrives. Here at Pro Tree Service, we want to help you make the best decision possible. So be sure to read “Do You Know Which Trees Look Best in Your Yard,” “Fast Growing Trees Perfect For Your Yard,” and “The Best and Worst Trees For Your Yard.”

Join a tree planting community    

Not only do you have an appreciation for trees and Mother Nature, but you love Chicago and its community as a whole. This is where the Tree Planting Partnership Program through Chicago Gateway Green comes into play. As you can see on their website, this program “aims to transform vacant land into tree-filled green spaces and engage communities in beautifying and caring for their environment.”

From large-scale tree plantings to neighborhood cleanup days, the Tree Planting Partnership Program has already made a significant impact. In fact, a whopping 4,000 trees have already been planted since the program’s inception. We should also mention that 1.35 million pounds of litter have been removed thanks to those involved with the program.

Learn to identify trees

This is just a fun one. Learning how to identify a tree by its bark, foliage, and flowers is a skill you can use everywhere you go. Start by doing some independent research at The Morton Arboretum and Chicago Botanic Garden. Trust us, these experiences will be much more valuable than relying on the internet.

After some initial learning, you’ll be ready to put your tree knowledge to the test. Start off identifying trees in your neighborhood and community before moving on to different places where there are likely different species. Who knows? Maybe this new skill will turn into a lifelong hobby.

Learn about tree pests and how to keep them away

Many native insects and diseases can wreak havoc on your trees. That’s why we recommend becoming familiar with tree pests in Chicago, including the Gypsy Moth, Asian Longhorned Beetle, and Emerald Ash Borer. The more you know about these unwanted insects, the more proactive you can be when it comes to tree care.

Should you suspect an infestation on your tree, don’t make the mistake of taking treatment into your own hands. DIY tree care, especially when pests and/or disease are involved, is typically a no-no. Contact a professional tree service instead and let them determine the most sensible plan of action.

Leave tree maintenance to the experts

This ties in a bit with the aforementioned resolution. Maybe you take a close look at your tree and notice it needs to be trimmed in a few places. However, you probably didn’t realize that tree trimming and tree pruning are time-consuming tasks that require costly tools.

Then there’s the task of tree removal, which carries a significant risk of damage to a person, property, or both. Unfortunately, even one innocent mistake could prove to be catastrophic. When it comes to tree removal, do yourself and everyone around you a favor and contact a professional.


If tree maintenance is on your to-do list in 2019, make the smart choice by hiring Pro Tree Service. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded and can take on both residential and commercial projects. Contact Pro Tree today for a free estimate.

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