How to Upgrade Your Backyard This Summer

July 20, 2018

Just because it’s the middle of July already doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade your backyard. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could turn this space into a private oasis? Here are seven ways to achieve the backyard of your dreams:

  1. Fill those empty corners – Are the corners of your yard completely bare due to shade? Not to worry, as there are several things you can do here. We recommend creating flower beds and filling them with shade-loving plants such as hydrangea or hostas. Not only are both incredibly hearty, but they will make your yard more look more complete.
  2. Add some outdoor furniture – What good is it to have a beautiful backyard but nowhere to sit and relax? If you can’t remember the last time you purchased outdoor furniture, that’s a problem. Even a few items such as a wooden bench and some nice chairs make a huge difference. Don’t be surprised if the backyard patio quickly becomes a go-to spot for guests to congregate.
  3. Create a small pond – This doesn’t have to be anything crazy or expensive. There are countless ways to create a little pond for an empty corner of the backyard. The trickling sound of water will also add some much-needed ambiance to the space.
  4. Find potential spots for trellises – Homeowners enjoy trellises for a number of reasons. Is there somewhere along the house that could use an interesting feature? A trellis could be the answer. On the other hand, are you tired of watching your neighbor mow the lawn with his shirt off? Then place a trellis along the edge of the patio to provide privacy. Feel free to plant vines or a flowering plant next to the trellis.
  5. Soften any hardscape – Are there several slabs of stone in your backyard? Try ‘dressing up’ this stonework a bit by surrounding it with small-leaved ground covers. You will find that doing so adds a nice color contrast and softens the hard surfaces.
  6. Focus on adding foliage in addition to flowers – We all love flowers. Sometimes, though, it’s easy to go overboard with them in the yard. Keep in mind that foliage plants present opportunities for bold color that flowers just can’t compete with. Another piece of advice here: don’t just plant for the spring and summer seasons. You deserve a yard that’s beautiful all year long. Foliage plants should serve as a focal point in every season.
  7. Establish balance and unity among plants – You might be tempted to buy a bunch of different flowers and plants for the backyard. However, if you want an attractive, cohesive look, be sure to get ones of the same shape and color. Landscape designers agree that repeating forms and color values achieve balance. Believe it or not, all the repetition unifies the yard’s design as a whole.


As aforementioned, there’s still plenty of time to upgrade the backyard. One thing we haven’t discussed yet, though, are trees. The fact is that diseased, damaged, or dead trees can throw a wrench into design plans.

Take a close look at your trees. Do you notice natural splitting or cracking at critical parts? Are the limbs encroaching on adjacent properties or public-use spaces?

Then it’s time to contact a reliable tree service before moving forward with plans for the yard. For three decades, Chicago residents have relied on the expertise of Pro Tree Service. You can count on us for tree removaltree trimmingtree pruningland clearing, and more.

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The other thing that sets us apart is our integrity. Unlike competitors who will barely give homeowners the time of day, we go above and beyond to make sure you understand all of the relevant risks and costs. This extra communication enables you to decide on the best service for your situation.

At Pro Tree Service, there are never any hidden fees or gimmicks. Experience the difference of our no-nonsense tree care company.

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