How to Choose Between Tree Care and Tree Removal

May 15, 2017

We’ve talked about at length in previous posts how beneficial trees can be for homeowners. Depending on location, maturity, species, and quantity of trees, trees provide a significant boost to property value. Trees can also reduce energy by providing shade, lessen noise pollution, and offer so many others positives to your yard. Unfortunately, things happen to trees that we often can’t control. The million dollar question, though, is how do you determine whether your tree requires removal or just some maintenance.


Dying, diseased, and damaged trees can be saved with the proper tree care. Our team at Pro Tree Service can recommend certified arborists that have the expertise with which to identify, diagnose, and treat tree disorders. These tree care experts have an advanced understanding about tree physiology, diseases, root systems, pests, as well as the surrounding environment. Depending on what your tree needs, a certified arborist might consider fertilization, integrated pest management, disease management, cabling and bracing, drought management, lightning protection, and other potential means for getting your tree back on track.

Pro Tree Service is your go-to tree company for trimming and pruning. We recommend that business and homeowners alike leave these projects to the professionals, since they require such precision and experience. Not to mention, it can be a major tasks just trying to obtain the tools necessary for tree trimming and pruning.   

Keep in mind that these services may be required for the following reasons:

  • Diseased, damaged, or significantly dead branches
  • Safety purposes (overgrown trees that are close to nearby properties or public-use spaces, for example)
  • Cosmetic preferences


When basic tree care, trimming, and pruning aren’t enough or worthwhile, tree removal is likely the best solution. Pro Tree Service is committed to providing affordable tree removal at the highest quality, which is why we offer a Best Price Guarantee. Our team guarantees that we will match or beat any reasonable, written estimate by 10 percent.

It’s important to know that tree removal may be required for the following reasons:

  • Natural splitting or cracking discovered at critical parts of the tree
  • Wind gusts or lightning strikes from previous storms
  • Safety purposes
  • Significant aging, bug infestation, or disease

The extent of our bush, stump, and tree removal services can be broken down as such:

  • For trees, we will remove all branches, logs, and major debris. Please note that tree stump removal is included in our estimates, however, stump remains can be removed for a separate charge.
  • For bushes, stump removal is included in the cost. As with tree removal, stump remains can be removed for a separate charge.
  • We can also perform full-service stump removals and stump grinding. We tell our customers that the grinding of a stump is typically four to six inches below the ground two to three feet from the tree’s base.

Pro Tree has been servicing Chicago and surrounding areas since 1989. From tree care to land clearing, see what makes us the preferred tree service in the area. Call us today and request an estimate.

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