Here’s How to Get the Best Tree Removal Service

March 6, 2017

Maintaining your property involves a great deal of time and money, and tree maintenance is no exception to that rule. The following tips will help ensure that both your tree company is properly vetted and, most importantly, your needs are being met:


Proof Of Existence

All businesses are required to be formally incorporated with the state in which they operate, whether as a domestic or foreign business. Ask your tree contractor for a signed copy of their W9, which includes the company’s federal employer identification number (FEIN).

With a FEIN available, you can determine whether the business is in good standing by checking with the appropriate state’s corporation lookup (see Illinois corporations here) using the tree company’s legal name from their W9.

Pro Tree Service will provide a W9 upon request.

Certificates of Insurance/Bond Requirements

Always ask your tree company for proof of insurance. Every tree contractor is required to carry insurance, including workman’s comp. A proper certificate of insurance will show each policy, the applicable coverage limits, and whether each policy is effective/expired. Pro Tree Service will provide these any time when requested.

Most municipalities require tree companies register (annually) and sometimes carry an additional surety bond to guarantee completion of your service in a reasonable period of time. Check with your village/city to help determine what bond requirements are applicable first.

Bottom line: Don’t simply trust your tree company to have its documentation in order. It is your right to request this basic information from your tree company every time.


Make sure your tree company is using both safe and proper equipment. At Pro Tree Service, we continually aim for the most efficient ways to remove trees safely and without damage to your property. When meeting with tree companies, ask them specifically how they intend to remove your tree.

Aerial bucket trucks and commercial cranes, for example, are often convenient for tree companies to use for tree removal from your property. However, this type of equipment poses a significant risk of property damage as well as obvious safety issues for both the customer and company.

Pro Tree Service has never relied on this type of equipment, primarily due to the competence of our teams. By training harder, smarter, and more efficiently, we tackle the largest removals without reliance on unnecessary and costly machinery. Additionally, the use of heavy equipment such as this requires greater insurance policies and poses a significant risk of injury to the property. Make sure your tree contractor is specifically licensed and insured to operate these pieces of equipment.


Many home projects are very easy to tackle without prior experience. Unfortunately, tree removal isn’t one of them. Pro Tree Service has been providing top-notch tree services to Chicago and surrounding suburbs since 1989. With nearly three decades of proven experience, homeowners can be assured that Pro Tree Service is committed to getting the work done right every time!


With our Best Price Guarantee, Pro Tree Service is committed to prioritizing our customer’s budgets over profits. We frequently challenge our competitors’ prices, which has garnered us both praise from our customers and criticism from our competitors.

The bottom line is we provide unmatched service at the most affordable rates. Homeowners can trust our best price guarantee to deliver our best rates every day of the year, without expiration. In addition, we offer free consulting services before, during, and after service. There is never any pressure to work with us, and we will make sure you receive proper guidance when it comes to working with tree contractors.


Pro Tree Service operates year-round and offers 24-hour emergency response service. Our dedicated teams want to be sure that you receive the service you need in a timely manner. If you are looking for an estimate delivered in minutes, not hours, send us your pictures via email.


Maybe this isn’t the time yet for stump, bush, or tree removal in your yard. But Pro Tree also offers trimming and pruning options, as well as land and lot clearing services. Our teams are also able to assist in municipality and public projects. Pro Tree takes on your needs with ease.

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