Happy Holidays from Pro Tree Service!

November 27, 2017

We’re officially entrenched in the holiday season! It could be that you’re still getting through leftovers from Thanksgiving. Maybe you’re recovering from a busy weekend of shopping. On top of that, you still have all those decorations to put up around the house. However you plan on spending the holidays, Pro Tree Service hopes that you and your loved ones enjoy the time together. We understand that tree care may not exactly be on your to-do list at the moment. That said, we know how much you love your trees. It’s our job to work with you in keeping them healthy and beautiful year-round. Keep reading to learn what Pro Tree Service is all about.


We get the question all the time: “Why should I choose your tree service over another one?” Frankly, it’s a combination of things. Here are just several qualities of our tree service that customers really appreciate:

  1. Experience – Anybody can claim they perform tree removal. It’s easy to build a website and go door-to-door handing out fliers. In this industry, however, not all tree care experts are the same. Since 1989, Pro Tree Service has been serving Chicago and surrounding suburbs. We’ve effectively handled just about any situation with a tree that you can imagine. Are your trees getting dangerously close to a power line? We can safely remedy the issue without compromising your tree or other property. Does one of your trees need to be removed for cosmetic reasons? Our tree removal service can handle that dilemma as well. We want you to understand all of the relevant risks and costs so that you have the knowledge to make a sound decision.
  2. Affordability – No competitor offers the Best Price Guarantee that we do. Here’s how it works: Shop around and get several quotes for your desired service. Then come back to us with any reasonable, written estimate. We will match or beat it by 10 percent. As cost leaders in the industry, this means you will receive the most competitive prices from us every time. There are never any hidden fees or gimmicks, either.
  3. Reliability – Unlike other tree services, we don’t just shut down in the winter. Longtime Chicago residents know that this time of year can be full of surprises. There are years where we’ve gotten as little as 10 inches of snow and as much as 90 inches. What happens if all that snow wreaks havoc on branches? The reality is that you need a reliable tree service at your side 24/7. It’s why we offer emergency response assistance year-round. We are dedicated to making sure you receive the best tree care in the most timely fashion.
  4. Quality of work – There’s much more to tree trimming besides making random cuts. Taking tree care a step further, removal requires more than access to a chainsaw. With nearly three decades of experience under our belts, we know what it takes to keep your tree looking amazing. We will never use techniques (such as topping) that will wind up compromising the health of your tree.
  5. Certification – Pro Tree Service is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. We are legally incorporated and carry commercial general liability, worker’s compensation, as well as all required municipal bonds and licensed. This should hopefully put your mind at ease. If you happen to hire a company that isn’t licensed or covered by insurance, you become the one responsible in the event of a person or property getting injured.


You might have the most beautiful yard in the neighborhood. But if your trees aren’t up to par, it’s time to take action. Consider the following when determining if tree removal makes sense:

  • Natural splitting or cracking discovered in critical parts of the tree
  • Significant damage from previous storms
  • Safety reasons such as overgrown trees with adjacent properties or public-use spaces
  • Noticeable aging or bug infestation

Our services aren’t just limited to tree removal. If you’re ready to hand off your tree trimming, Pro Tree is here to help. One quick note here: Significant, recurring tree trimming and pruning is not usually recommended, as it can actually do more harm to the tree than good. Tree care experts confirm that the constant removal of limbs and branches only shorten the life of some trees.

Again, we want to wish all Chicago residents a happy holiday season. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for tree care, even during this busy time.

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