Fast Growing Trees Perfect For Your Yard

October 23, 2017

There’s no better way to spruce up your yard than by planting a tree. Doing so adds color, privacy, and maybe even that last bit of landscaping needed to complete the desired look. Trees don’t just mature overnight, though. The majority of species require years and potentially decades to reach full growth. It’s why more homeowners are exploring faster-growing trees. There may come a time when you just can’t stand seeing your neighbors every time you work in the yard. It could be that you’re tired of looking at power lines or buildings off in the distance as you try to enjoy family time. If this sounds familiar, planting a fast-growing tree makes perfect sense. Keep reading to learn which trees are the fastest growing, as well as tips for long-term tree care.

Here are just a few of the more common fast-growing trees, as explained in this guide from The Tree Center:

  • Willow Hybrid – This species grows an unheard of 10 feet in a single year. In just a few years, you could be enjoying a tree that’s at least 30 feet tall. Just keep in mind that the Willow Hybrid loses its leaves in the winter.
  • Thuja Green Giant – Are you looking for year-round beauty and privacy. This species makes a great choice considering it doesn’t lose its leaves in the winter. Growing up to four feet a year, the Thuja Green Giant makes an incredibly durable hedge. You don’t have to dig up other plants to make room for it, either, as the Thuja Green Giant even grows well in partial shade.
  • Italian Cypress – Many homeowners only have a narrow, limited space to plant a tree. In this situation, consider going with the Italian Cypress. It thrives in hot, dry locations and reaches 40 feet despite being only about five feet wide.
  • Nellie Stevens Hollie – Compared to the aforementioned species, the Nellie Stevens Hollie takes a little bit longer to get going. After the first year, three feet of growth per year is the norm. The Nellie Stevens Hollie rewards homeowners for their patience with an attractive look and ability to thrive in shade. Plus, it’s an ideal pest-free plant.
  • Tri-Color Willow – Similar to the Nellie Stevens Hollie, the Tri-Color Willow grows several feet per year after the first year. Homeowners absolutely love the mix of green, red, and white foliage that comes out in spring and early summer.
  • Golden Bamboo – There’s no better way to create privacy than with a Golden Bamboo tree. It takes just a few years to reach 20 feet in height and makes a perfectly dense evergreen screen that requires no trimming. Do what you can to position it by the grass, as regular mowing controls the tendency of a Golden Bamboo to grow wide.


Tree trimming and tree pruning are essential for a well-maintained yard. They’re also important for fast-growing trees, in particular. While most can be trimmed at any time, early fall tends to be best for evergreens. Deciduous trees, meanwhile, should be trimmed in early spring. As far as clipping is concerned, do so when the tree is young. The last thing you want is to wait until it reaches its final sizes and be forced to cut back into thick wood. As you create your desired hedge, always keep the top narrower than the bottom so that the sun can maintain the tree’s beauty.       

Let’s go back to tree trimming for a moment. The reality is that tree care requires a great deal of precision. Though some owners make tree pruning part of their routine, it’s best that the tree is not trimmed regularly. At Pro Tree Service in Chicago, we want to be sure that your trees remain in tip-top shape. Our team specializes in trimming damaged/diseased branches, trees that are overgrown, as well as trees that are too close to nearby properties and/or public use spaces.

Rather than simply trust any tree company you find, you can feel at ease knowing we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to perform all tree trimming services. Give us a call today for a free estimate. Don’t forget to ask about our Best Price Guarantee!

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