Can I Claim Tree Removal on My Home Insurance?

July 6, 2018

The cost of tree removal can be significant. As you might imagine, the majority of homeowners rarely have money set aside for such an expense. With that in mind, when one of your trees goes down and you need to act swiftly, maybe you ask yourself, “Can I claim tree removal on my home insurance?”

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It depends on the situation

Keep in mind that homeowner’s insurance will not cover the cost of removing a tree that has not yet fallen. Remember it’s your responsibility to maintain the yard, including any trees. While you may have the ugliest tree imaginable in your front yard, don’t expect home insurance to cover the cost of removal unless it’s fallen.

Now, what happens if a tree fell in a nasty storm and damaged the house? In this case, you can expect your home insurance to cover the necessary repair costs. Note that tree removal would likely be included.

There are other interesting scenarios worth discussing here. For example, what happens if your tree falls directly onto the driveway? On the other hand, say that you’re disabled and a fallen tree blocks the wheelchair ramp?

We recommend checking your home insurance policy and contacting your agent in either of these situations. It’s pretty standard for policies to cover tree removal up to $1,000 per storm. Of course, leave those storm-damaged trees in the hands of a professional.

Let’s consider yet another hypothetical. A tree from your yard falls into the street and is causing major havoc for the entire neighborhood. While some municipalities will remove the tree themselves, others might require you to do it.

Lastly, there’s the much-debated scenario where a tree from your yard fell onto a neighbor’s property, causing damage. In this instance, your neighbor would need to file a claim on their home insurance policy. However, if it’s determined that the tree was dying and you had been warned previously about the hazard, you can expect to be held liable.

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If you were to take just one piece of advice from this post, it should be this: don’t count on getting reimbursed for the cost of tree removal. The fact is that some insurance companies just don’t want to spend time valuing landscaping.


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